How does it work?

we created a gamified learning platform where we want to stimulate the hacker mindset in the players. The objective of the game is to realize some quite easy, high-level, requirements into designs or implementations, and then to verify or test the cybersecurity of those solutions. Understanding the real challenges of the game is the very first challenge of the game!

Blue Team!

In cybersecurity there are two main points of view: the red-team idea, and the blue-team idea. The first is "let's crack the current solutions. And again, and again, ..." while the blue-team idea is "let's build our own solution and then break it, and then fix it and break... and so on". In this game, we follow the blue-team!

How do I win?

When you have something that decently (the best is the enemy of good) fixes one of the issues related to the whole challenge, talk to your captain (e.g. via pull request). He'll reply to your request and if it's a good solution, he'll merge your branch into the main.


Ask us questions and we'll question your questions to "capitanize you" through your thoughts. We believe that an answer is a very well explained question. We'll help you dig into the foundations of your doubts, until there are no more foundations for the question. Unfortunately, we can't play forever so, sometimes, we may give you real answers (for example, if you are stuck in a loop).